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Trial Evaluation
Includes a single category (plus overall coefficient)
relating your novel to the current "bestseller" model.
(All prices in US dollars. View Cart button is at bottom of page.)
FictionFixer evaluates fourteen character-types (including "incidental") with respect to initial occurence, foreshadowing "gap," amount of first-person dialog per character, perceived POV characters, and relative number of mentions.
FictionFixer evaluates surface details of "countable" elements from large-scale to small while differentiating between dialog and narrative (non-dialog). For example, chapters, chunks, paragraphs, sentences, independent clauses, dialog blocks, multi-paragraph dialog by single characters, narrative-dialog switches, use of punctuation, quantity of dialog words, sentences, syllables, "stop-words," vs. those of non-dialog.
FictionFixer evaluates your use of dialog attributions (said, asked, thought, shouted, etc.) and the combination of adverbs with dialog attributions.
FictionFixer evaluates your novel's proportions: characters per dialog word, syllables per word, words per sentence, sentences per chunk, chunks per chapter, and so forth. The same for non-dialog (narrative) words, sentence, paragraphs, and chapters, etc. As well as detailed analyses and comparisons, including minimums, maximums, averages, and means, with per-chapter, per-chunk, per-paragraph, and per-sentence breakdowns.
FictionFixer's readability algorithms are more accurate than any others! Includes: Flesch (ease), Flesch-Kincaid (age), SMOG (100% comprehension age), Flesch-Ki
ncaid (grade level), SMOG (100% comprehension grade level), and Gunning-FOG. Also Moshe Koppel’s Gender algorithm (including component comparisons and spread). FictionFixer employs the most accurate passive voice detection currently available. This proprietary algorithm divides passive constructions into twelve types. FictionFixer also tracks 36 varieties of introductory verbal phrases.
FictionFixer evaluates sentences that start with conjunctions, pronouns, transitionals, known problem starters, adverbs and adjectives, "was" and "had" phrases (with pronouns or character names), and general problems arising from habitually starting sentences with character names.
FictionFix evaluates modifiers to avoid, problem words and phrases, redundancies, clichés, similes, reflexive pronoun usage, adverbial suffixes, and more.
ionFixer tracks 100 paragraph characteristics contributing to rhythm and flow. From this data, the software identifies patterns and progressions, both recurrent and unique. Most perceivable structural elements are displayed from the standpoint of zeroeth-, first-, and second-order entropy and redundancy. In simple terms: this answers questions like, "should I follow that multi-sentence non-dialog paragraph about the antagonist with a single sentence of dialog by the protagonist, and should it include a tag or a "special feature" and should it be a question or a statement? This "Structure" option is "deep" and is intended for people who have had previous experience with FictionFixer (not for first-time users!).
ionFixer evaluates dialog and narrative (non-dialog) "runs" from the standpoint of average run-length, minimum, maximum, and mean, as well as providing a breakdown by runlength. Additionally, a color "run" map of your novel is created, differentiating between single and multiple sentence dialog runs, vs. single and multiple sentence narrative runs (and also flagging chunks in first person). Can be very helpful for visualizing large-scale structures you gravitate to put of habit or otherwise unconsciously.
ionFixer tracks more than 5,000 "sensory-trigger" words in five categories: sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. The software evaluates the richness of your sensory vocabulary as well as the rate of delivery (per thousand words) of words triggering sensory reactions.
Special offer: If you choose one or more trial evaluation options above, and opt for one of the full evaluations below within three months, you may deduct your trail evaluation payment(s) from the price of any of the full evaluations below provided the same manuscript file is used.

Complete Evaluation
Includes all the above
(multi-model or individual model)
Option 1
Your manuscript compared to the current bestseller model that FictionFixer has been crystallizing through the continual analysis of its corpus of bestselling novels. The evaluation covers all the elements listed above.
Option 2
Your manuscript compared to a single pre-existing model that is already part of a FictionFixer's corpus.

Complete Evaluation
(special package deals)
Option 1 plus 2
(see above)
Option 1 plus 2 (repeated)
(see above) This allows you to revise and then observe the effect of your revision.
Option 3
Your manuscript compared to a model novel of your choosing.
Option 1 plus 3
(see above)
Option 1 plus 3 (repeated)
(see above) This allows you to revise according to FictionFixer's original evaluation, and then observe the effect of your revision in a second FictionFixer evaluation.

The Human Factor
Add-ons for any of the above options.
(Excludes trial evaluations and cannot be purchased separately.)
Add-on 1
A detailed human critique of the first five paragraphs (not to exceed 400 words).
Add-on 2
A detailed human critique of the first chapter (not to exceed 3,000 words).
Add-on 3
A human critique of the first three chapters (not to exceed 10,000 words). Requires purchasing at least one of Add-on 1 -OR- Add-on 2 as well (thus the total price = $500 minimum).
Add-on 4
A human critique of the entire novel (not to exceed 120,000 words). Requires purchasing at least one of Add-on 1 -OR- Add-on 2 as well, plus Add-on 3 (thus the total price = $1,000minimum).
The Works! Option 1 plus 3 (repeated) PLUS Add-ons 1, 2, 3, and 4
(see above)

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